WH-4000S Windscreen

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WM-5325 Wireless Transmitter

  • Operating range: 3m – 120m.
  • Four 16-channel banks of circuit frequencies.
  • Maximum input level: 110dB SPL.
  • Built-in circuitry minimizes ambient noise effects.
  • Single AA battery operation for more compact and lightweight body.
  • Low-battery indicator.
  • Connector for 3.5 mini-plugs.
  • Built-in antenna.
  • Neck strap is provided.

WM-4300 Wireless Microphone (Discontinued)

  • WM-4300 Wireless Microphone
  • The wireless microphone WM-4300 is of lavalier type designed for use on UHF band. It accommodates the supplied electret condenser microphone unit with a cardioid pick-up pattern and is suitable for vocal and speech reinforcement applications. The built-in circuitry is so designed to minimize the influence from ambient noise.
  • One frequency can be selected from 64 operating frequencies (4 banks x 16 channels) of 64 frequencies of 690 – 865 MHz.
  • An optimized PLL-synthesizer minimizes the oscillation frequency drift resulting from the ambient temperature or voltage fluctuation.
  • Audio level control adjusts the microphone sensitivity.
  • Battery lamp indicates battery consumption to prevent the unit from malfunctioning when the battery leve remarkably decreases.
  • Compact size and high reliability
  • A commercial microphone unit of the type equivalent to the supplied one can also be used.

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