WM-5225 Handheld Wireless Microphone

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  • TOA speech microphones are optimized with a frequency response tailored to emphasize clarity, thus delivering increased intelligibility. The WM-5225 microphone employs electret condenser elements that minimize handling-related noise, making them particularly suited for speech applications. These microphones feature a more streamlined, less bulky profile compared to conventional models, thanks to a new built-in antenna.

  • Specifications
    Microphone Element Electret condenser microphone unit: Unidirectional
    Modulation Frequency modulation
    Frequency Range 576 – 937.5 MHz*, UHF
    Channel Selectable 64 channels (the number of channels may differ from country to country)
    RF Carrier Power Less than 50 mW (Factory preset 10 mW ERP)
    Tone Frequency 32.768 kHz
    Oscillator PLL synthesized
    Maximum Input Level 126 dB SPL
    Maximum Deviation ±40 kHz
    Audio Frequency Response 100 Hz – 15 kHz
    Dynamic Range 95 dB or more (with WT-5800)
    Battery WB-2000 (WB-2000-2 contains 2 pieces) rechargeable battery (option)
    or AA alkaline dry cell battery
    Battery Life Approx. 13 h (when the WB-2000 rechargeable battery is used)
    Approx. 10 h (when the alkaline battery is used)
    Indicator Power/Battery lamps
    Antenna Built-in type
    Operating Temperature -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ (14 ゜F to 122 ゜F) (except battery)
    Operating Humidity 30 % to 85 %RH (no condensation)
    Finish Resin, coating
    Dimensions φ43.6 x 231.5 mm (φ1.72″ × 9.11″)
    Weight 180 g (0.4 lb) (with battery)
    Accessory Microphone holder W3/8″ (with stand adapter) …1,

    Screw driver …1, Storage case …1

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