YS-60B Wrap Around Band (Discontinued)

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F-1000B Full range wide dispersion speaker

TOA’s acclaimed speaker line, the F-2000 F-1300 and F-1000 Series of compact, high efficiency two-way speakers achieve higher performance levels for wide range frequency response and power handling.
Designed to be extremely versatile in order to meet different installation and application requirements, the new F-2000 and F-1000 Series are ideal solutions that solve increasing needs for adaptable sound reinforcement.


F-1000WT 100V line full range wide dispersion speaker

This product is a variant of the following item. Click on the link below to see all variants and options:
F-1000W Full range wide dispersion speaker

100V line version of F-1000W


SP-131 Pole Bracket

The SP-131 Pole Bracket is intended for mounting teh F-2000 Series wide dispersion speakers, in conjunction with the optional YS-60B.

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