Digital mixer

The M-9000M2 Pre-Amplifier is designed to be used in conjunction with optional modules and can be configured for up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 9000 series modules as well as existing 900 series input modules can be used. The most appropriate modules can be selected depending on applications.
It is equipped with signal processing and control functions necessary for sound reinforcement, permitting all parameters to be set at the mixer. Settings data can be stored inside the unit and called up using the keys on the front panel.

  • Aluminum front panel and steel case
  • For rack-mounting, 2 units height
  • Up to 16 panels can be connected to 1 M-9000M2 by using a RC-001T control module
  • Panels can be cascaded
  • Different modules, remote panels and a sensing microphone for individual adjustment to the ambient noise
  • Easy to use software

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Specifications for product:
Power source

220 - 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz

Frequency response

20 Hz - 20 kHz


< 0.008 %

Power consumption

40 W

S/N ratio

90 dB


64 dB


Audio input: Max. 8 channels, modular (modules optional)
Control input: 4 inputs, no-voltage make contact input, open voltage: 3.3V DC, short-circuit current: 1mA or less, removable terminal block (14 pins)


Audio output: Preamplifier outputs 1 and 2: 0 dBV, 600 Ω, balanced, removable terminal blocks (3-pins), max. 8 outputs
Control output: 4 outputs, open collector output, withstand voltage: 27V DC,control current: 50mA, removable terminal block (14 pins)

Equalizer / Filter

Tone control (bass, treble: ±12 dB), 10-bands parametric equalizer (31 steps, Q: 0,3 ...5), 10 speaker equalizer, high pass (-12 dB / Oct), low pass (-12 dB / Oct), Compressor (depth 1 to 5), Delay (0 ... 40 ms in 1ms steps), 32 scene/event memories, 2 operation modes: mixer or matrix, key-lock

Operating humidity

35 % to 80 % RH (no condensation)

Operating temperature

-10 °C to +40 °C


Aluminium, black


6 kg

Accessory (included)

Power cord (2 m) x 1, Rack mounting bracket x 2, Bracket mounting screw x 4, Blank panel x 7, Blank panel mounting screw x 14, Removable terminal plug (3 pins) x 2, Removable terminal plug (14 pins) x 1, CD x 1

Application examples
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