No – the reason is that the tuned circuits need different components to reach the channel 38 frequency ranges.

Yes – in this case you can have 16 channel 70 frequencies on a receiver.

Yes you do – please contact licences for further details.

We would recommend that you can use 3 or 4 systems simultaneously, but this will vary due to local conditions – physical/atmospheric etc.
With TOA systems you can have 8 systems – stretching to 12 using channels 39 & 40.
With Trantec you can have significantly more – it depends on which system, S4/S5, you are thinking of using. We would recommend you contact TOA/Trantec for further details.
Yes and No – what you can’t do is have two microphones on the same frequency working at the same time. This causes all sorts of problems.
This depends on how close the two rooms are, but generally speaking they would need to be 100M+ apart to prevent interference. The physical makeup of the room does have an effect but both TOA and TRANTEC systems are very good at ‘walking through walls’. If you do need multiple wireless systems in say a school type situation then we would recommend using Infra Red systems
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