Slim Line Array Speakers

The TOA SR-H2 and SR-H3 Slim Line Array Speakers are ideal for Houses of Worship, Auditoriums, Conference Venues, Schools, Airports, Railway Stations and many more applications.


The NX-300W can convert audio signals to high quality digital signals. Regardless of the geographical distance, the digital signals can be transmitted simultaneously over the IP networks, such as LAN or Internet.

Personal PA System ER-1000BK-EB

Today we want to inform you about our new compact, portable and easy-to-operate personal PA system. The ER-1000BK-EB works with TOA’s headsets giving the user flexibility to choose the option that best suits them, whilst keeping both hands free.

Digital Mixer Amplifier A-5000

Dear TOA customer,  A new software version for the A-5000 Series Digital Mixer Amplifier has been released. NEW FEATURES INCLUDE Feedback suppressor function (FBS) for input CH 1 & 2 Auto mute function HPF (High Pass Filter) in each Inputs (6db/oct) Parametric EQ (from 5 points to 4 points) 15 selectable TOA Speaker EQ presets … Continued

Sound Concepts For Restaurants & Retail

Would you like to turn a café or shop into an experience? An overall concept of architecture, light, decoration and sound reinforcement is decisive for the mood of customers and thus the key to the success of any restaurant or shop design. In our new application brochure, you will find out more about PA solutions … Continued

The Security Show 2017

31 representatives from the fire & security industry, complimentary food & drink voucher for each attendee. Free entry to prize raffle. BBQ (4pm-7pm). Free Parking.

HX-7 Series

We would like to inform you that our HX-7 variable dispersion arrays as well as the compact subwoofer FB-150 were successfully…