Discontinued Product Lines and Limited Stock - Oct 2021

At TOA we continue to develop our technology bringing new models to the market. This also means that after long and successful product life we are discontinuing some lines and have limited/no stock available.  

   Discontinued Product       Status       Alternative Products   
   Trantec IEM S4.16 Series       Limited Stock       No alternative product available   
   A-1700 Series Mixer Amplifier       Limited Stock       A-3500D & A-3600D Digital Mixer Amplifiers   
   A-1800 Series Mixer Amplifier       No stock available       A-3500D & A-3600D Digital Mixer Amplifiers   
   A-2000 Mixer Amplifiers - Analogue       Limited Stock       A-2000DD Series Digital Mixer Amplifiers   


Alternative amplifiers include our new higher-spec A-3500D & A-3600D Series Digital Mixer Amplifiers.

The  A-2000 Series has been replaced by the A-2000DD digital version. Please note we will not be replenishing analogue stock once this is depleted.