Boundary Microphones

EM-700 Boundary Microphone

The EM-700 is a low-profile, high-quality, cardioid condenser microphone suitable for installation on a lecture desk or table top in a conference room. It features optimum acoustic characteristics for sound pick-up applications when placed on a flat surface, realizing pure, natural sound quality.

EM-600 Flush-Mount Boundary Microphone

• Ideal for conference room recording and security monitoring.
• Electret condenser microphone element with omnidirectional pattern for comprehensive pickup.
• Unobtrusive design allows easy flush-mounting in walls, ceilings, and desktops.
• Optimized to deliver best performance when used on a desk or attached to a ceiling.
• Two rubber isolation rings are provided as an accessory serving to reduce vibration.
• Wide frequency range of 30 – 20 kHz provides wellbalanced sound with clarity and a satisfying tonal response.
• Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility.