Trantec S4.04 Series

Getting you started into the wireless world.

Our S4.04 is the perfect entry level system into the world of wireless technology. It is the improved successor model of our thousand times proven and reliable S4.4 system.

No matter whether it’s for vocals, speech or instrument applications, you will have this system up and running in no time and will be able to use it absolutely worry-free. The S4.04 already provides the same great sound quality as our larger S4.10 system; however, it is limited to a maximum channel count of four. But this should already be perfectly adequate for most small to medium applications.

With only a single aa battery our S4.04 comes up to 10 hours of power. By automatic frequency scanning, automatic frequency selection and the integrated infrared synchronization it is ias well ncredibly easy to set up. For all kinds of speech applications as well as for bands, where up to two members will need freedom of movement, our S4.04 is exactly the right choice – and by the way its price-performance ratio is unbeatable. unpack, plug in, and rock!

Application examples:

  • Speech
  • Vocal
  • Instruments


S4.04 Series Beltpack Transmitter


S4.04 Series Handheld Transmitter


S4.04 Series Receiver