Trantec S4.10 Series

Unbeatable in price and performance!

There is no easier way to create a multi-channel wireless system than with the S4.10. the S4.10 is a multi-channel-capable wireless system, which allows you to master a wide variety of challenges with up to ten simultaneous channels. No matter whether it’s for vocals or speech using a handheld microphone or for instrument pickup using a bodypack transmitter – the S4.10 performs well.

The S4.10 offers great sound whose level simply regulate by use of the volume potentiometer on the rear panel. Furthermore our S4.10 series provides a robust wireless connection at an unbeatable price-performance-ratio.

It is aimed at amateur and semi-professional musicians who do not want to do without a reliable wireless system. due its detachable antennas the S4.10 series ideally suited for fixed installations with tight budgets.

Application examples:

  • Speech
  • Vocal
  • Instruments
  • Health and fitness clubs
  • Fixed installations


S4.10 Series Beltpack Transmitter


S4.10 Series Handheld Transmitter


S4.10 Series Receiver