Trantec S5.5 Series

A wireless system for acoustic gourmets: meets the highest demands

The S5.5 system was developed for professional stage use. The experience of many professional users has been incorporated into the further development of this series, so that the system leaves hardly anything to be desired. In addition to the easy handling of the transmitters and receivers, this series is characterised by its large portfolio of microphones for almost any purpose. In addition to various interchangeable microphone capsules for the handheld microphone, there is a large selection of microphones for the bodypack transmitter.

Especially for large events, the S5.5 system with up to 24 simultaneously operable channels is ideally suited. With infrared synchronisation, even a large system can be quickly configured. The true diversity receivers ensure reliable reception so that the user can move around without restrictions. This can also be tested before an event with the help of the software, which checks the radio connection with the so-called RF Walk Test in the application area.

The user can assemble a system from individual components or take a fully configured rack-'n'-ready system and save time and money.

Application examples:

  • Speech
  • Vocal
  • Instruments
  • Theatres
  • Fixed installations


Dynamic Handheld Microphone


Handheld Condenser Microphone


True Diversity Receiver