TOA reveals the secret to public speaking!

Public speaking is all about confidence: knowing your subject well, and communicating it clearly. But there’s more to it than that. Confidence comes from knowing that you are being heard loud and clear by your audience.

TOA’s D5000 provides voice clarity and comfort for any speaking scenario, from the boardroom to an auditorium, the classroom to a theatre. It gives 8 hours continuous operation with a single AA battery, while the receiver’s signal reception level can be checked visually. Pairing the transmitter and receiver using its proprietary security IDs, the D5000 ensures that what is said stays in the room. Of course, setup and operation are simple, with dedicated software that gets you up and running and keeps the system operating smoothly.

And now, with special pricing on the D5000 system and accessories, public speaking has never been easier. Click here for more details!

D5000 benefits include:

  • Proprietary digital audio processing ensures optimal sound quality and intelligibility for speech applications.
  • Dedicated maintenance software enables visual monitoring of any jam radio waves or changes to incoming radio waves.
  • Built-in Feedback Suppressor
  • 15 compatible channels per 6 MHz, 20 compatible channels per 8 MHz TV channel.
  • Up to 32 simultaneous channels *Region dependent.
  • Approx. 100 m operating range (line of sight.)
  • Signal stability is assured using the digital diversity method.
  • Control of peripherals is possible using contact output.

Learn more about the D5000 system by clicking on the image below!



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