Sports and leisure venues

With ProSound systems from TOA there are only winners

The key to a successful event – be it a sports or entertainment event – is communication with your audience. Only when you reach your visitors can you inspire them. Voice announcements and music determine the emotional background and bring people into the action.

Together we will find the optimal sound solution for your location. Naturally in accordance with all applicable guidelines, whether from the DFB or other institutions, and at the same time comprehensively certified. With us you reach the right volume for every number of visitors with the best speech intelligibility. At the same time, we offer many other advantages:

  • By planning and integrating sound and fire protection systems, you not only achieve optimum technical coordination of the devices, but also a cost-effective system with all the features you need.
  • We offer you tailor-made solutions for your unique location: We can guarantee the best equipment for your rooms by extensive simulations in advance.
  • The integration of sound system and fire protection ensures operational safety and the good feeling of having done everything for the safety of your visitors.
  • Our quality products are designed for a long life cycle
  • Of course we are there for you beyond the installation of your system – we offer support and service, both by our specialist workshop and by our employees on site

A large sports stadium poses various demanding requirements concerning the safety of several thousand people, the organisational and emergency communication between different areas of the building as well as high expectations towards the sound quality and speech intelligibility at the grandstands.

We have many good suggestions for the sound and safety equipment of your location - see for example our brochure on this topic. Our references in the field of sports and leisure facilities speak for themselves. Contact us if there is anything we can do for you!


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