Training courses

TOA UK training is now available online

In order to continue to provide the same technical expertise and support to our customers the team at TOA UK have been working to transform our face-to-face training programme into a safe and user friendly online programme. 

We believe, as our customers, you will find this a more cost effective and time efficient way of learning for your teams enabling you to access training to suit your business. You all have teams that require different information be it product sales, system designers or installation engineers. Delivering our training programme in bite-sized online sessions, tailored to the individual participants, enables us to give you the best of our expertise and knowledge.

Our online courses are designed for you and we will customise each session and subject to the level of your expertise and experience so we can really focus on what you need to know. Our pre-training questionnaires give our team the knowledge which enables us to deliver a the course that will give you the tools you need.  Whether you need help with regulations, a particular project design, learning how to install a system or just understanding which products work best in which environments – our team are here to help.

Our courses can be delivered for those people that are new to a subject to advanced level and enable you to progress your knowledge in a learning style and speed that suits you.


Current Courses


Voice Alarm & Public Address Systems

PA 100V Masterclass: Course Code VA001

Advanced Voice Alarm System: Course Code VA002

VX-3000 Series Voice Alarm System: Course Code VA003


Digital Products

M-9000M2 matrix mixer and digital signal processor (DSP): Course Code DP001

A-5000 Digital Mixer Amplifier: Course Code DP002

MA-725F Matrix Amplifier: Course Code DP003

D-5000 digital UHF radio mic system: Course Code DP004


If you would like to book a training session please email marketing(at) and we will be in touch to discuss your individual requirements or simply download our questionnaire and email to us and we will call you to discuss your needs. 

VA/PA Questionnaire       

Digital Product Questionnaire


At TOA we believe that giving our customers the best sales and technical support helps you win projects so as well as training courses we provide:

  • Full follow up technical support by phone, online meeting or email

    • We can assist with design and quotations

    • Give guidance on installation

    • We offer commissioning services

    • Advice on maintenance and staff training

    • Help with documentation

    • Free software upgrades

    • Use of the TOA Tools Database and Cookbooks

    • Messaging for VA/PA (Please note there is a nominal fee for this service)

Please email technical(at) for help with these or call 01372 389799


  • Full product marketing support

    • Brochures and printed materials

    • Product Data and Information as PDFs

    • Images and product specifications

    • Access to case studies and media stories

    • Webpage support for supplying images, graphics and text

Please email marketing(at) for any marketing requirements or call 01372 389798