Hotels and conference centres

TOA providing audio solutions to service providers in the hospitality industry.

Hotel and conference centres, as service providers, know how to reconcile different interests and requirements for their clients. Whether providing a music system in an event location, equipping a conference room with the appropriate technology, filling the spa area with relaxing sounds or fulfilling all safety regulations with voice alarm systems - many audio solutions are required at the same time for these unique buildings.  

Our integrated ProSound and voice alarm system features the optimal equipment for every room and application. With many years’ experience in project design and management TOA can help you with:

  • Individual planning of projects.

  • Flexible, integrated sound reinforcement concepts for every space.

  • Product design advice.

  • Construction planning.

  • Acoustic simulation.

  • Maintenance, support and technical advice.

  • A wide range of products with the best solutions for every room of your venue.

Finding exactly the right solution for every unique project.

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