Trantec Wireless

Making sense of sound

For over thirty years Trantec have specialised in producing high quality wireless microphones, beltpacks and in ear monitors.

Our wide product range, as well as versatile accessories, ensures that we can cater for the most challenging audio demands, at almost any budget within the broadcast, film, music, school, house of worship and theatre industries.

Now owned by TOA, Trantec continues to advance by investing in our own research and development to ensure that our product range maintains its innovative, market leading position.

For over a quarter of a century TOA has been committed to developing vocal and speech radio products to the highest specification at the cutting edge of technology.

We are proud to have become synonymous with high quality and reliability.

The introduction of Trantec S5/S4 wireless microphones has completed the TOA line up that allows integration into a wide and varied market sector that makes challenging demands within professional audio, broadcast, film, music and theatre.

Additionally, TOA 5000 series has also become the first choice by many for the perfect match when it comes to performance, reliability and build quality to face the daily requirements that sports, conferencing, education and houses of worship have come to expect.

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