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Presented TOA Online Academy training of the last weeks

Presented Subjects   Date  
Integration of Network Audio into VMS In cooperation with third party VMS manufacturer. 12.06.2024 Available Now
Audio Solutions for Transportation Sector Setting up an Automatic Announcement System with TOA. With real life project references. 15.05.2024 Available Now
How to meet requirements of a Football stadium Mid-Size (15 000 Seats). With real life project reference. 17.04.2024 Available Now
How to meet requirements of a Hotel Complex Combining High-Class Sound, Usability and Safety. With real life project examples. 13.03.2024 Available Now
IP-A1 Application Notes How to make use of its unique features using real life project examples. 14.02.2024 Available Now
2024 Product Preview Outlook for upcoming product development in relation to ISE and Intersec. 24.01.2024 Available Now
VX-3000 – What’s new? Outlook. Customer requests Recent functionality updates (for users who are already familiar to VX-3000 system) 22.11.2023 Available Now
VM-3000 FAQs Tips & tricks on using VM-3000 01.11.2023 Available Now
VX-3000 FAQs Tips & tricks on using VX-3000 11.10.2023 Available Now
IP-A1 Series Integrated Applications VMS/SIP server applications 27.09.2023 Available Now
A-3000D Series Mixer Amplifiers General PA for retail, restaurant and priority announcements 13.09.2023 Available Now
VX-3000 in decentralized networks VX-3000PM Preamplifier Matrix Panel, NX-300 Network Audio Interface 21.06.2023 Available Now
IP-A1 Series - Application with FERMAX Intercom Systems Special collaborative webinar with FERMAX 07.06.2023 Available Now
CS-761 Music Horn Speaker Introducing various kinds of applications for our new coaxial horn speaker 10.05.2023 Available Now
VX-3000 extensions for general broadcast VX-3000CT Control Panel, VX-300LO Line Output Module, RM-500 Remote Microphone 26.04.2023 Available Now
TZ Series Column Speakers for VAS and other applications Characteristics and benefits of column speakers 12.04.2023 Available Now
NF-2S Window Intercom System and WG-D100 Tour Guide System Enhanced face-to-face communication in challenging acoustic situations 29.03.2023 Available Now
Loop Isolator System and End of line (EOL) Modules for the VX-3000 System Solutions for advanced surveillance and increased security 15.03.2023 Available Now
IP-A1 Series Integrated Applications How to integrate with CCTV (case study) 01.03.2023 Available Now
IP-A1 Series Network Audio Devices General introduction of TOA’s new IP Audio products 15.02.2023 Available Now
Speech Transmission Index STI Tricks and traps in STI measurements 11.01.2023 Available Now
Ask your sound experts live What you ever wanted to ask about sound but never have been brave enough 14.12.2022 Available Now
Acoustic Simulations Interpret the results of an acoustic simulation correctly 30.11.2022 Available Now
VX-3000 Voice Evacuation System Part Two Technical system set-up 16.11.2022 Available Now
VX-3000 Voice Evacuation System Part One Technical system configuration 02.11.2022 Available Now
Audio solution for churches /cathedrals Improve your audio system for Christmas 19.10.2022 Available Now
Planner seminar: Security and communication using the example of a stadium Case study of TOA installations in NFS National Football Stadium in Bratislava 05.10.2022 Available now
Intercom Systems – Safe and reliable communication even in difficult surroundings TOA N-8000 Intercom System – the solution for most demanding communication requirements 21.09.2022 Available now
TOA compact mixer amplifiers Looking for an all-in-one solution? We got you covered with the best amplifier for your project 07.09.2022 Available now
TZ-200 / TZ-400 new column speakers Compact slim line column speaker, EN54 certified 24.08.2022 Available Now
Speakers for mosques Make your mosque sound sound like a mosque - speakers for indoor and outdoor applications 10.08.2022 Available Now
Horn Speakers Horn speakers are special - how to use / set-up for best results 27.07.2022 Available Now
DA-1250D Compact 2-channel digital amplifier with full power for professional audio solutions 13.07.2022 Available Now
Music Horn Speaker CS-761 & CS-761 BS Good sound at good volume 29.06.202 Available Now
Education Institutions - safety and communication for schools Check your audio system during summer break 15.06.2022 Available Now
Super Security Pole Solution Detection of and reaction to emergencies in public areas 01.06.2022 Available Now
Voice Alarm Systems Safety first - keep your visitors reassured 18.05.2022 Available Now
Public Address Systems From megaphone to stadium - keep your audience informed 04.05.2022 Available Now
Sound Design Enhance your audience's emotion with the perfect sound system 20.04.2022 Available Now
Communication Systems Whenever people meet there is a need for communication- we show possible solutions for Intercom and Conference 06.04.2022 Available Now
Audio solutions for outdoor areas As spring comes, how about your audio system for the outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, hotels, pools getting frequented 23.03.2022 Available Now
Houses of worship - solutions for churches How to find your customised solution matching perfectly with the size of your church 09.03.2022 Available Now
Houses of worship - solutions for mosques How to find your customised solution matching perfectly with the size of your mosque 23.02.2022 Available Now
A-3200DZ The newest digital power mixer amplifier in the TOA family 09.02.2022 Available Now
BIM Intelligent workflow in the pre-design phase 26.01.2022 Available Now
Network Audio Use existing infrastructure for intelligent communication 12.01.2022 Available Now
Fundamental Electroacoustics   08.12.2021 Available Now
TOA Speakers   24.11.2021 Available Now
IP-A1SC15   10.11.2021 Available Now
Signal processing in audio systems   27.10.2021 Available Now
Intercom for Industrial Facilities   13.10.2021 Available Now
Acoustic simulations with EASE Focus and EASE Address and calculations with loudspeakers   29.09.2021 Available Now
How to create perfect sound with TOA digital mixers and DSP - DP-K1, DP-SP3   15.09.2021 Available Now
Solution for Retail - PA and BGM   01.09.2021 Available Now
Digital Power Amplifier - DA series (250/500/1000)   18.08.2021 Available Now
TOA speakers: Characteristics and applications   21.07.2021 Available Now
Voice Evacuation System: plan, design and apply for hotels and malls - VX-3000   07.07.2021 Available Now
Solution for Educational Facilities: PA/VA/Intercom/Speaker/Wireless   23.06.2021 Available Now
Additional components and GUI software - VX-3000   09.06.2021 Available Now
Digital Matrix Mixer System for retail, restaurants, hotels, gyms and malls - M-8080   26.05.2021 Available Now
Conference Systems: user operational software and integration of cameras / ONVIF - TS-D1000, TS-820/TS-920   12.05.2021 Available Now
Voice Evacuation System: plan, design and apply for retail - VM-3000   28.04.2021 Available Now
Intercom Solution for Healthcare Facilities   14.04.2021 Available Now
Sound System for outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, pools and hotels   31.03.2021 Available Now
Tour Guide System – WG-D100   17.03.2021 Available Now
Mosque Amplifier – MX-6224D   10.03.2021 Available Now
IP-Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15   17.02.2021 Available Now
Digital Amplifier – A-3000D, A-2000D, A-5000   10.02.2021 Available Now
Intercom & SIP System – N-8000/ N-SP80   27.01.2021 Available Now
Wireless Systems – TOA + Trantec   13.01.2021 Available Now
IP-Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15   16.12.2020 Available Now
Voice Evacuation VX-3000   09.12.2020 Available Now
Voice Evacuation VM-3000   02.12.2020 Available Now
Conference Systems TS-D1000, TS-820 & TS-920   25.11.2020 Available Now

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