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TOA Online Academy is launched to inform about product applications, functions, technical standards and new product launches.

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Academy timetable 2021 / 2022 for online training

Subject * Date Time
TOA speakers 24.11.2021 (Wednesday) 9 am - 10 am
Fundamental Electroacoustics 08.12.2021 (Wednesday) 9 am - 10 am
Network Audio 12.01.2022 (Wednesday) 9 am - 10 am
BIM 26.01.2022 (Wednesday) 9 am - 10 am
* Subject to change without notice

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Presented TOA Online Academy training of the last weeks

Presented Subjects Date  
IP-A1SC15 10.11.2021 Available Now
Signal processing in audio systems 27.10.2021 Available Now
Intercom for Industrial Facilities 13.10.2021 Available Now
Acoustic simulations with EASE Focus and EASE Address and calculations with loudspeakers 29.09.2021 Available Now
How to create perfect sound with TOA digital mixers and DSP - DP-K1, DP-SP3 15.09.2021 Available Now
Solution for Retail - PA and BGM 01.09.2021 Available Now
Digital Power Amplifier - DA series (250/500/1000) 18.08.2021 Available Now
TOA speakers: Characteristics and applications 21.07.2021 Available Now
Voice Evacuation System: plan, design and apply for hotels and malls - VX-3000 07.07.2021 Available Now
Solution for Educational Facilities: PA/VA/Intercom/Speaker/Wireless 23.06.2021 Available Now
Additional components and GUI software - VX-3000 09.06.2021 Available Now
Digital Matrix Mixer System for retail, restaurants, hotels, gyms and malls - M-8080 26.05.2021 Available Now
Conference Systems: user operational software and integration of cameras / ONVIF - TS-D1000, TS-820/TS-920 12.05.2021 Available Now
Voice Evacuation System: plan, design and apply for retail - VM-3000 28.04.2021 Available Now
Intercom Solution for Healthcare Facilities 14.04.2021 Available Now
Sound System for outdoor areas of restaurants, bars, pools and hotels 31.03.2021 Available Now
Tour Guide System – WG-D100 17.03.2021 Available Now
Mosque Amplifier – MX-6224D 10.03.2021 Available Now
IP-Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15 17.02.2021 Available Now
Digital Amplifier – A-3000D, A-2000D, A-5000 10.02.2021 Available Now
Intercom & SIP System – N-8000/ N-SP80 27.01.2021 Available Now
Wireless Systems – TOA + Trantec 13.01.2021 Available Now
IP-Horn Speaker IP-A1SC15 16.12.2020 Available Now
Voice Evacuation VX-3000 09.12.2020 Available Now
Voice Evacuation VM-3000 02.12.2020 Available Now
Conference Systems TS-D1000, TS-820 & TS-920 25.11.2020 Available Now

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