Custom-Built Voice Alarm and Public Address Rack Systems

At TOA UK our technical team are highly skilled in the design and build of custom-made voice alarm and public address rack systems constructed in our workshop in Leatherhead.­­­­­­

From quotation to testing our team work on many specialised projects that ensure the end user can provide safe and reliable systems for their buildings.

Our bespoke racks are installed  in applications from theatres to large entertainment arenas, sports stadiums and transport hubs, factories, office buildings and educational facilities – anywhere where the ability to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with people is paramount to safety and security whilst providing options such as background music.

It is our policy that any system that determines life safety must meet the highest standards.  To ensure complete peace of mind we therefore provide a commissioning service after installation. Once a system is in place one of our experienced and trained engineers will visit site to do final configuration and set-up, test and commission and complete a final hand-over with the end-user.

We also provide post-installation support.

To find out more you can contact our technical team at technical(a)


Multiple Rack System for a Cultural Centre

Our tech team have been very busy testing this extensive project made up of custom-built racks and VX-3308WM wall mounts. We carry out a rigorous pre-installation testing programme. In this instance they must all communicate and be tested with each other at the same time which is challenging for the space in our workshop.

PA Systems for Sporting Facilities

These public address systems have been designed to provide audio for a sporting facility.  They will keep the public informed and entertained at the many events that are part of their calendar each year.

VX-3000 Series Rack for a Theatre Venue

This public address and voice alarm system is ready to be dispatched to a theatre venue to be installed in time for the busy festive season. Custom-built in our workshop, using the VX-3000 Series, it will be used for emergency broadcasts, background music and general announcements.

North East Hotel Gets A New VX-3000 Rack System

This public address/voice alarm system will be installed in a hotel in the North East of England. Designed using the TOA VX-3000 series it will ensure that both guests and staff can be contacted via voice paging and be used to deliver emergency instructions for safe evacuation. Built by TOA installed by Blaydon Communications Ltd.

Entertainment Venue Rack Build

Another rack ready to leave our workshop for an entertainment venue.  This system will work with a variety of TOA ceiling speakers, wall mount speakers and bi-directional speakers.


School PA/VA System

This public address and voice alarm rack system has been designed to provide emergency announcements and public address functions for a school giving clear voice messaging across their complex.

Behind the Scenes - School Emergency PA System

This recently commissioned rack will provide an Emergency Public Address System for a school enabling them to give emergency announcements to their students and greatly enhancing their evacuation plan.

PA System featuring the MA-725F Multi Channel Amplifier

This PA system, designed for use at a brand-new arena facility features 2 MA-725F Multi Channel Matrix Amplifiers and an MD-200CTU Media Player that can play various audio sources, CD, USB, SD/MMC card through the CD mode and FM radio with 30 pre-set stations and sleep timer through the tuner mode.

PA/VA System with RM-300X Microphones

This public address/voice alarm system has been designed to provide announcements.   It will be operated using two RM-300X Remote Microphones for both emergency and general-purpose broadcasts. On install a selection of the amps are likely to be run at 70V. Unique to the VX-3000 series that the amps can be set at different voltages 50V, 70V or 100V. 

PA/VA System designed for a Performing Arts Venue

This public address/voice alarm system has been designed to provide paging and music broadcasts to a performing arts venue.  It will be operated by using both the RM-200SF Emergency Remote Fireman’s Microphone and the RM-300X Remote Microphone for emergency/general purpose broadcasts and background music.

Enhanced PA System for Emergency Service Facility

Here is our latest rack build as it was being tested in our workshop before being dispatched to an emergency services facility.  Our Technical Team rigorously test all our systems prior to dispatch and are available to support the installation throughout if required.

PA System for a Farming Facility

This PA system using the M-9000M2 digital mixer matrix and the A-3506D mixer amplifier is ready to go to its new home at a farming facility.  It will be used for paging and to distribute, via a network using NX100s units, background music to two cow sheds coupled with PE-64 pendant speakers.  Happy staff and happy cows! Let’s hope they enjoy the moo-sic!

Customised Rack Build for a Multi-Store Shopping Mall

This VX-3000 has been built in our TOA UK workshop to provide PA/VA to a multi store shopping centre In London installed by Safetech Systems Ltd.   It will provide the solution for the centre to be able to provide background music, paging, and life safety announcements for voice evacuation for both visitors and staff.  The system will be operated using both the RM-200SF emergency remote microphone and the RM-300X paging microphone with the addition of extension units to increase the amount of zone selection keys available.

Heritage Building Renovation Installs PA/VA System

Designed to provide voice alarm and public address as part of an extensive regeneration programme to transform a city centre heritage building supplied by DJ Kilpatrick & Co Ltd.

This unique building will be transformed into a state-of the art leisure facility whilst maintaining its historic original Victorian features.  It will provide modern facilities whilst allowing visitors to enjoy the history and original features of the building.  The PA/VA system will allow for clear messaging, background music and emergency broadcast to ensure the safety of both staff and visitors.

Holiday Park Gets a New VX-3000 System

This VX-3000 rack has been designed to provide voice alarm and public address for a holiday park and will be installed alongside a VX-3308 wall-mount system.  This floor standing rack will be fibre networked to the wall mount to create a system that can deliver background music, public address, and emergency announcements over a large and multi complex application. The VX-3308WM wall-mount voice alarm system is a complete VA/PA in one unit.  Compact - it is the ideal solution to specify for narrow spaces and is fully compatible to be used in conjunction, as in this case, with the rack mounted VX-3000 system.

VX-3000 Series Rack Design for a Cinema Complex

This VX-3000 series rack, designed for a cinema complex, will provide a reliable and energy-saving voice alarm system certified to EN-54-16.  The VX-3000 series, with its flexible and scalable system architecture, can be used for small and large applications.  With low-cost operation using class-D amplifiers and modern power supply technology the VX-3000 is the ideal solution for providing VA/PA.


VM-2240 System

This VM-2240 rack will provide general purpose background music and live announcements from two RM-200M zone paging microphones. Very neat wiring from our techs.


Shopping Complex Voice Alarm


This VX-3000 voice alarm system has been designed to facilitate evacuation and public address in a multi stored shopping centre.  It will enable operation staff to deliver clear messaging and instructions both for public address and in the event of an emergency enabling them to control situations and ensure the safe passage of a high volume of retail staff and customers.

Voice Alarm for A Shopping Centre

This VX-3000 voice alarm system has been designed to provide VA/PA to a shopping centre.  With the emphasis on voice alarm it will provide the solution for the delivery of safety and evacuation announcements to ensure clear instructions are distributed in an emergency for staff and visitors.

Office Facility

This VM-2000 System has been designed for a 3 floor office building and as well as work spaces will provide PA for a boardroom and conference and hospitality suites.

Life Safety for a Cinema Complex

This rack, a VX-3000 voice evacuation system, has been designed and built in our workshop at TOA UK for a cinema complex. It will provide a life safety and evacuation solution for staff and visitors to the venue. We think our tech team create brilliant systems that have very neat wiring.

Office Space Project

These two custom-made racks, housing a VX-3000 series system, will provide safe evacuation for a new waterside office development. The specification, which includes over 450+ TOA ceiling, cabinet and horn speakers, will provide the new workforce with a robust solution to provide clear instruction in the event of an emergency. Once installed our tech team will visit site to test and commission the system and ensure that it is working to the highest standard before handover.


Arena Project

These two racks were specified for an arena with a capacity of approx. 11,000.  The small rack, VX-3000 system, was designed to provide voice alarm for areas outside the main arena whilst the larger rack was specified for both evacuation and to provide pro audio using DA Amplifiers. for the main performance area.


Theatre Project

Designed for a West End theatre with a seating capacity of 900+ this VX-3000 PA/VA system also has show relay. 


Warehouse Project

Intended for a large food distribution centre. This PA system was created with an M-9000M2 digital mixerP-2240 power amplifier for paging facilities and MD-200CTU CD/USB/SD-Card Audio Player.  This provides public address options for staff communication and background music in a warehouse facility. 


Health Facility Project

The N-8000, our integrated audio communication system, which provides multiple options for conversation, paging and background music broadcasting as well as emergency paging, audio triggering and other security functions was designed for a healthcare facility.