Introducing the VX-3308WM – all-in-one compact voice alarm system


With the VX-3308WM, the new wall mountable version of our best selling VX-3000 VA system, we’ve combined voice alarm and PA into a single system: meaning that only one device is needed to distribute the alarm, as well as for performing general announcement transmissions and playing background music. With intelligent prioritisation of emergency announcements and exceptional vocal intelligibility, the system delivers effective and reliable alarming. That’s TOA’s state-of-the-art method for ensuring security.

Key Features:

  • Compact: Multiple functions, one sleek wall­ mountable unit
  • Cost effective: All components come connected
  • Decentralised: IP Network based compatible with VX-3000 rack system
  • High tech Modern supply switching technology and digital amps
  • Advanced ambient noise control (ANG)
  • DSP on all inputs and outputs
  • 160 units can be connected to create one system
  • Designed to fit in electrical risers in high-rise applications or where there’s limiled space
  • Fully compliant to BS-5839 and EN-54

VX-3308WM / VX-3065BB









Comprising a fully assembled VX-3008F with 2x VX-030DA and a VX-3150DS, the VX-3308WM is a convenient solution for a wall mounted voice alarm and public address system that is ready to go out of the box. With all of the same great features and technology, the VX-3308WM can be flawlessly integrated with any other aspect of the VX-3000 Series. The VX-3065BB is connected to the VX-3308WM and has been designed and engineered to house a pair of 12V 65AH batteries: this allows the system to run on a DC battery pack in the event of an AC mains failure.














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