The A-2000D Series Digital Power Amplifiers

It doesn’t seem possible that Christmas is just a month away and in the current economic climate retailers are already pushing hard for those important December sales.  However, should our shopping experience just be about the sale, or can creating an ambient, more relaxed atmosphere for customers encourage them to spend longer in store and ultimately become more productive purchasers.

Research demonstrates that shoppers are much more likely to spend when there is in-store music so investing in the infrastructure of stores with an audio system is an excellent way to create this atmosphere and encourage longer engagement and better sales.

Extended opening times and 7 days a week shopping means that most retailers have a high volume of staff and therefore whilst thinking about the ambience of the store it is also important to invest in a system that is user friendly and robust.

Providing the ideal solution for retail outlets and restaurants is the TOA A-2000D Digital Power Amplifier Series. Suitable for broadcast paging and playing background music allowing for crystal clear announcements the A-2000D Series provides the perfect solution for producing high quality audio in many applications. Using 100V technology it gives installers the ability to connect many speakers, depending on the model, in parallel connection – a great product for any size retail/restaurant unit.

Product Focus

  • Up to 80% energy consumption saving over analogue models.
  • ­Connections for 2 audio players and up to 3 microphones.
  • Inputs can be controlled by separate volume controls plus a master volume control.
  • Current limiter designed to  prevent damage due to current overload.
  • Excess heat limiter to protect the transistor and power transformer.
  • Finished with a scratch and fingerprint-resistant surface for easy handling

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