TOA IP Horn integrates with the Sentinel Platform from Monitor Computer Systems.

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TOA IP Horn integrates with the Sentinel Platform from Monitor Computer Systems

At TOA we have been working with the development team at Monitor Computer Systems Ltd to integrate our IP horn speakers with the Sentinel platform.  This integration enables the ARC operator to talk directly to the TOA speaker, using the ONVIF protocol, and  can provide ‘Live audio challenges’ or pre-recorded  warning messages. Audio ‘listen’ from the on board microphone is also available to the ARC operator.

Since they were founded in 1984, Monitor Computer Systems Ltd have become key suppliers of alarm monitoring systems to both UK and overseas markets. Their customers include major security companies, local authorities, telecoms companies, financial institutions and police authorities.

“We were able to work with the TOA technical team to complete the integration in a relatively short period using the ONVIF standard” says Jason Williams, Development Director at Monitor, developers of the Sentinel platform, “Now this is complete we are looking forward to working with TOA on their next generation of IP connected speakers. This integration will help our customers be able to offer a wider range of system options to their clients and help with the growth of the Sentinel platform.”

“It was  great to work with Monitor Computer Systems and complete the integration of the TOA IP Horn speakers with the Sentinel platform” says Malcolm Crummey, TOA’s Sales Manager UK and Ireland. “Many of our current partners and installers are already using the Sentinel platform and the integration of the TOA IP Horn speakers will enable them to easily specify and offer audio to their CCTV monitoring offer.”

At TOA we work with our integrators and installers to give them the best option for the applications they are designing with full support and advice available from our technical team. 

The integration is available on Sentinel from version 3.122 and above. 

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