Solutions for Conferencing - TS-D1000 System

Solutions for Conferencing – TS-D1000 System

Industry Expert: Paul Griffiths from Penlyon

At TOA we think being able to give our clients the opportunity to test new products, in person, is key when they are advising their own customers.  When Paul at Penlyon was looking for a solution for a conference system we were able to send him our demonstration model so that he could understand, first-hand, how it works. Being able to show his client how the system works, face-to-face, enabled him to illustrate his solution to their needs and also show the quality of sound produced.

We are grateful that Paul took the time to give us feedback on his thoughts on the TS-D1000 Conference System which we share below:

“We were contacted by a long-standing customer, Mr Tony Willets of av745 Techdisplay Limited, for some design advice on a project enquiry he had received from a local NHS Trust.

As they try to adjust to post pandemic living, they needed a solution whereby board members attending the meetings in person could hear conversations properly, but equally important was the requirement for remote participants on Teams to be able to hear what was being said.

They are currently using a boundary microphone connected to the streaming PC, which is completely useless, and had requested a quote to install multiple ceiling mounted hanging microphones.

As soon as I saw the specification I said to Tony that it wouldn’t work, and the only chance of success would be to use a proper conference system.

We needed a system that would be excellent quality, but simple to set up in whatever orientation they wanted to use the room in, reliable and easy to use.

To me that criteria only left one option and that was the TOA product, and we were fortunate that TOA had just launched their new Digital TS-D1000 system.

We arranged a demonstration day with multiple users present, NHS Trust IT technicians and set up a test Teams meeting.

We interfaced the TS-D1000-MU easily with their old in-house TOA PA amplifier, induction loop system for the hearing impaired and the PC that was streaming the Teams meeting, and it was immediately noticeable how successful the demonstration was.

The IT technician said that the in-house system had never sounded so clear, the remote users via Teams said that it was the first time that they had actually heard the discussion properly and the staff present made many comments on the ease of set up and portability of the system and could think of multiple rooms around the hospital that would benefit from the system.

We knew that the TOA system would be good, and it was especially pleasing to see non-technical users embrace the technology and take on board the benefits of a professional system”

Ian Bridgewater TOA’s Director and Technical Sales Manager

“It is always great to get such positive feedback on a new product range and we really appreciate our distributors testing and demonstrating new systems and taking the time to have a greater understanding of how they work.”

The TS-D1000 Conference System

TS-D1000 series is a new generation stand-alone conference system. Visual noiseless design and high-quality sound with reduced unwanted vibration are realized. This conference system is designed to be set up, disassembled and put away quickly and easily by way of simple connections using CAT5e STP LAN cables. Up to 32 chairman/delegate units can be connected in a simple daisy chain configuration. A MP3 recorder makes it possible to record all conference contents to either a connected USB memory drive or internal memory.

The TS-D1000 Series is ideal for conferences and meetings in corporate, educational and hotel applications with the option to add custom-made flight cases if required for storage.

To read more about the TS-D1000 System and to download the technical specifications; Click Here

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