Creating Ambiance with Sound – Restaurants

Creating Ambiance with Sound – Restaurants

In today’s world of social media reviews and customer experiences feedback is key to generating new clients and increasing income. Using sound to create ambiance to get the atmosphere right is important to add to the style and theme of a venue. Restaurants have quite specific zones that they may want to control differently with distinctive music and volume levels.

Generally, they have a clear vision of the type of client they are trying to attract and how to use sound to enhance the experience. In each area a different volume or style of music might be required. Operation must be easy to suit a large staff rota so providing a single system that can operate in zones provides the simplest solution to enable control of sound in this way.

The MA-725F is a multi-channel matrix amplifier that provides an all-in-one solution for applications that require this zone flexibility.  It is ideal for providing general paging, background music and priority announcements at different levels in different areas.

Designed in one chassis the MA-725F features 6 audio inputs with matrix routing to 4 amplifier outputs.  Each output channel has a 250W class-D amplifier at 100V with independent DSP which will allow control, configuration and tweaking of sound with any connected speakers.

Operationally it can either be adjusted manually or by a Smart Control System which offers wireless remote control for both input source selection and volume control from any mobile device or computer.  There is no app or software because it is operated through standard web browsers making it easy to use and access.

The optional extra of WP-700 Remote Control Panel is designed to work with the MA-725F to allow individual zones remote selection of input source and be able to adjust the volume levels.

The RM-9012 Paging Microphone can also be added to the system to allow for voice messages and priority announcements giving the venue a comprehensive way of providing ambient music and being able to communicate with staff and customers effectively.

This provides the equipment to produce the sound but what about the output. Décor is very important in these kind of venues.  Interior designers working with technical installers build their reputations on delivering a client style brief whilst ensuring the best sound options. 

The above sample has 4 distinct areas: bar, main restaurant, wash rooms and an outside seating area that require different speakers to either enhance the design or blend in where required. Let’s look at some of the speakers we would recommend in this application:

F-2000 Series Design Speakers

A compact speaker that provides high efficiency and high-power input handling capabilities.  Available in black and white or can be spray painted to a RAL colour.  The T version has the addition of a transformer (high impedance) whilst the WP versions are a waterproofed design rated to IPX4 suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. This speaker has a rated output at 60W at 100V.

F-1300 Series Design Speakers

The smaller version of the F-2000 speaker they also come in both high impedance and low impedance and water proof models. This speaker has a rated output at 30W at 100V.

F-2352C Wide Dispersion Speakers

This wide dispersion speaker can be ceiling or wall mounted and can cover a wide area to give a discreet sleek design. This speaker has a rated output at 30W at 100V.

PC-2360 Ceiling Speaker

Designed with modern architecture in mind this 6W flat front panel speaker is ideal for announcements and background music.

It is important to understand the end-user needs in the design and our technical team can advise for individual projects and assist with design.  You can contact them at or call 01372 389799.

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