Personal PA System ER-1000BK-EB

Clear instructions with high quality sound help to vanquish one’s weaker

Dear TOA customer,

Today we want to inform you about our new compact, portable and easy-to-operate personal PA system. The ER-1000BK-EB works with TOA’s headsets giving the user flexibility to choose the option that best suits them, whilst keeping both hands free.

Key features

> Compact and with powerful, high-quality sound Ultra-light weight

> Easy to wear and easy to operate

> Can be wrapped snugly around the waist

> Large rotating volume control and independent power on/off switch

> Compatible with an audio player

> AUX input terminal allows PA announcements to be made while BGM is being played

> Low power consumption for long operation time

More information

Download Leaflet

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Best regards,
Your TOA Team

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