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HX-7-WP Variable dispersion line array (Weather Proof Versions)

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    Thanks to its award winning enclosure design, employing four modules per unit, the HX-7 allows precise adjustment of sound dispersion angles of 0 – 15 – 30 – 45 and 60 degrees.

    The line array offers pristine clarity in a wide range of applications from sports venues, auditoriums, concert hall and challenging houses of worship. With the HX-7 you’re getting affordable quality and stellar performance.

    What you get is all that can be heard, from a whisper to a scream, TOA has it covered.

    Fore more information have a look at our video:

  • Specification
    Enclosure Sealed type
    Power Handling Capacity Continuous pink noise: 250 W (IEC60268-5: 350 W)
    Continuous program: 750 W
    Rated Impedance 8 Ω
    Sensitivity 100 dB (1W, 1m)
    Frequency Response 105 Hz – 20 kHz
    Crossover Frequency 1.7 kHz
    Directivity Angle Horizontal: 100°, Vertical: Depending on directivity angle mode
    Speaker Component Low frequency: 13 cm (5.5″) cone-type x 8
    High frequency: Wave front control horn with compression driver x 4
    Input Terminal Speakon NL4MP x 2 and M4 screw terminal,
    Distance Between Barriers 9mm (0.35°)
    Finish Enclosure: Polypropylene, black or white (HX-7B/W-WP),
    Punched net: Surface-treated steel plate, black & white (HX-7B/W-WP), rust proof coating
    Dimensions 497 (W) x 664 (H) x 274 (D) mm (19.57″ x 26.14″ x 10.79″)
    Weight 30 kg (66.14 lb)
    Accessory Terminal cover ···1, Terminal cover mounting screw ···4, Rubber packing ···1
    Option Matching Transformer: MT-200 (*1)
    Matching transformer Adapter: HY-MT7
    Speaker mounting bracket: HY-TM7B/W-WP, HY-MS7B/W-WP
    HY-60DB/W-WP, HY-CN7B/W-WP

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The HY-CN7B-WP is used to join 2 HX-7B-WP speaker systems, typically for the purpose of achieving better speaker directivity control in lower frequencies. Available in Black or White


HY-60D-WP Angle Adjustment Bracket

By using three HY-60DB-WP brackets, the directivity angle mode of the HX-7B-WP can be changed to 60. Available in Black or White


HY-MS7-WP Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket (weather resistant)

The HY-MS7B-WP Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket is intended for mounting the HX-7B-WP Speaker System to the wall under outdoor eaves. These brackets also have provision for mounting the MT-200 Matching Transformer directly to this bracket.


HY-TM7-WP Speaker Rigging Bracket

The HY-TM7B-WP Speaker Rigging Bracket is used to suspend the HX-7B-WP Speaker System directly from ceilings, beams or other building structures. Available in Black or White


HY-MT7 Matching Transformer Adapter

HY-MT7 Matching Transformer Adapter

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HY-PF7 Mounting Bracket

HY-PF7 Speaker Rigging Frame

The HY-PF7 is used exclusively to suspend the HX-7 speaker system from the ceiling. The FB-150 Subwoofer the can be suspended using this frame and the frame’s supplied mounting brackets.


MT-200 Matching Transformer

The MT-200 is a matching transformer for the HX-5 series speaker systems, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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