HX-5WP Weather Proof Speaker

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    • Variable Dispersion Speaker System.
    • Available in Black or White
    • Four speaker modules ensure high power and high quality.
    • The changeable orientation of each of the four speaker modules independently allows the directivity angle of the speaker system to be adjusted.
    • Built-in passive network ensures appropriate sound quality.
    • deal for both permanent and temporary installations, including both vertical and horizontal positioning.
    • Equipped with a convenient carrying handle.
    • Can be mounted directly on a wall or suspended by wire, chain or shackle with no need to use optional brackets.
    • Optional mounting brackets allow use in a wide variety of applications, including suspension, ceiling mounting, wall mounting, and speaker stand mounting. Mounting procedures are described in the instruction manuals enclosed with the mounting bracket or stand adapter.

  • HX-5W-WP
    Enclosure Type Sealed Type
    Power Handling Continuous Pink Noise; 200W: Continuous Program; 600W
    Impedance 8ohms
    Sensitivity (1 W, 1m) 96 dB (60° mode), 97 dB (45° mode), 98 dB (30° mode), 99 dB (15° mode)
    Frequency Response 95-20,000 Hz (60° mode)100-20,000 Hz (45° mode) 105-20,000 Hz (30° mode) 110-20,000 Hz (15° mode)
    Crossover Frequency 4kHz
    Directivity Angle Horizontal: 100° (over 2,000 Hz) Vertical: 60° (over 800 Hz), 45° (over 1 .2 kHz), 30° (over 1 .6 kHz), 15° (over 3.2 kHz) variable
    Speaker Component Low frequency: 12 cm (5″) cone-type x 4 High frequency: Balanced dome-type x 12
    Speaker Cord 2-core cabtyre cord with diameter of 6mm
    Water Protection IPX4 (Installed with every speaker module pointed downwards)
    Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C
    Finish (Enclosure) Polypropylene, white/black
    Dimensions 408 (w) x 546 (h) x 342 (d) mm 16 1/16 (w) x 21 1/2 (h) x 13 15/32 (d) inches
    Weight 16kg
    Accessory Hanging brackets x 2, Hex.wrench x 1
    Options Matching Transformer:MT-200. Speaker mounting brackets:HY-PF1WP,HY-CW1WP, HY-WM1WP,HY-WM2WP,HY-CN1B-WP

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HY-PF1WP Weather Resistant Rigging Frame

The HY-PF1WP is used exclusively to suspend the HX-5 speaker system from the ceiling. The FB-120 series Subwoofer can be suspended using this frame and the frame’s supplied mounting brackets. This bracket is designed for outdoor use.


HY-CN1W-WP Extension Bracket (External use)

The HY-CN1W-WP is used to join 2 HX-5 series speaker systems, typically for the purpose of achieving better speaker directivity control in lower frequencies.


HY-WM2WP Mounting Bracket (External use)

The HY-WM2WP is used exclusively to mount the HX-5 series speaker system closely to an external wall or ceiling


HY-WM1WP Mounting Bracket (External use)

The HY-WM1WP is used exclusively to mount the HX-5 series speaker system to a external walls or ceilings.


MT-200 Matching Transformer

The MT-200 is a matching transformer for the HX-5 series speaker systems, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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