A-3600D Series

Good to hear: high-quality background music and paging

A-3600D Series Digital Mixer Amplifier provide maximum flexibility with up to seven inputs and up to 480 W of power. Browser based control and monitoring from anywhere reduces your time troubleshooting and adjusting systems.

Feedback suppressor, input priorities, a sleek new appearance, and TOA's legendary quality and reliability makes this a perfect fit for background and foreground music, paging, and noise masking applications.


The A-3600D series is suited for broadcasting pagings or background music in retail shops, supermarkets, educational facilities, offices, houses of worship and factories.

Crystal clear announcements and high sound quality, the A-3600D public address amplifier is equipped with 7 audio inputs, zone selctor for 2 zones, high and low impedance, broadcasting priority and emergency paging via control input.

The digital technology makes this amplifier energy efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Application examples:

  • Houses of worship
  • Clubs
  • Sport facilities
  • Supermarkets
  • Bars
  • Sports Facilities
  • Hotels


Digital Mixer Amplifier


Digital Mixer Amplifier


Digital Mixer Amplifier


Digital Mixer Amplifier