A-2000D Series

High cost-performance digital mixer power amplifiers for broadcasting paging or BGM.

The A-2000D Series is a range of high performance mixer power amplifiers suited for broadcasting paging or background music in houses of worship, schools, offices, shops and factories. Equipped with balanced microphone inputs for better isolation from external noise, compared to unbalanced inputs, the A-2000D Series is suitable for AC operation and comes with power outputs from 30 W to 240 W. It is finished with a scratch and fingerprint-resistant surface for easy handling as well as quick volume control with master volume knob.

  • 70 % less weight
  • up to 80 % power savings
  • choice of 4 power outputs (30W to 240W)
  • safe and easy to use

A-2000D-series with phone jack for MIC1, A-2000DD series with DIN jack and control input for MIC1


Read all benefits in an overview:


Application examples:

  • Educational Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Stores
  • Factories
  • Houses of worship


Digital Mixer Amplifiers


Digital Mixer Amplifiers


Digital Mixer Amplifiers


Digital Mixer Amplifiers