General remote microphone with LCD

The RM-500 is a desktop type remote microphone for general broadcasts in the VX-3000 system. Equipped with an LCD screen, it can display up to 80 function names registered by the installer, allowing these functions to be executed with the key operation. The AUX key allows the external audio signal connected to the remote microphone to be broadcast in selectable zones. The speech intelligibility function makes it easier to hear the microphone announcements even in noisy environments, and also allows the microphone to pick up the wanted audio signals at an appropriate level even if speaking too close to or too far from it. The RM-500 can be mounted on the wall by using the optional wall mounting bracket WB-RM500.• Desktop Remote Microphone with LCD for general broadcasts

• Up to 80 zones or functions can be selected

• An external audio source can be broadcast from the RM-500

• Speech intelligibility function makes it easier handling of the microphone

• Control output and control input terminal

• Wall mounting by optional wall mounting bracket

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Specifications for product:
RM-500 RM-300X
Frequency response

100 Hz - 20 kHz

100 Hz - 20 kHz

Microphone type

Electret condenser microphone





Audio input

1, sensitivity selectable (-20/-60 dBV), push-in terminal block

Control input

1, no-voltage make contact inputs, open voltage: 33 V DC, short-circuit current: 10 mA , push-in terminal block

Control output

1 , open collector output, withstand voltage: 30 V DC, control current: 35 mA, push-in terminal block


3" LCD (255 x 160) with backlight


10 numeric buttons (0-9): 10, 1 Aux button, 1 arrow left button, 1 arrow right button, 1 All-call button, 2 function buttons, 1 Clear buttons, 1 talk button

1 emergency button, 13 free assignable function buttons, 1 talk button, volume microphone, volume speaker

Operating temperature

0°C - 40°C

0°C - 40°C


ABS resin, black

ABS resin, black


224 x 47.2 x 136 mm (W x H x D)

190 x 76.5 x 215 mm (W x H x D)


620 g

0.85 kg

Power source

24 V DC (operation range 15 - 33 VDC, supplied from VX-3000F via RJ45 jack or 5.5 mm DC power input jack)

24 V DC (Operation range: 15 - 40 V DC)

Current consumption

130 mA

240 mA max.

Accessory (included)

Zip tie ...2

Audio output

0 dBV, 600 Ω, balanced