Auto Wichert, Hamburg, Germany

In February 2015 voice alarm system VM-3000 was installed in the new audi terminal of Auto Wichert in the north of Hamburg and protects customers as well as employees in the event of any emergency.

The high power 2-way wide dispersion ceiling speaker F-2852C were affixed to ensure a high intelligibility and avoid unfavourable sound conditions in the entrance hall. Meanwhile the points of sale, offices and common rooms are injected with the ceiling-mounted speaker PC-245AB-EB and wall-construction speakers BS 250AB-EB. In case of danger the automatically voice response of the VM-3000 can be used. Furthermore there is the possibility to manually activate fire alarm by the use of the fireman’s microphone RM-300MF, the remote microphone RM-200M, and extension amplifier VM-3360 VA. In addition eight extension amplifier VM-3360 were installed by Mediasystem. The emergency and standard power supply VX-2000DS offers the required amplifier output in the event of power failure.

By the use of TOA’s VM-3000 system the professional work and the customer-friendly attitude is also supported by an appealing background music in the day-to-day business of Auto Wichert.