Biathlon Stadium in Oberhof, Germany

The Biathlon Stadium Oberhof in Thüringen, home of the biathlon world cup, needed a reliable VA and PA system to ensure a safe and well-organized environment for all future events.

The World Cup Stadium, which has regularly hosted biathlon World Cup races since 1984, is an outdoor facility for the Biathlon World Championships, with a shooting range and cross-country skiing track. The voice alarm system installed ensures a safe evacuation in case of an emergency, intelligible announcements, and music broadcastings with excellent sound to enhance the spectator’s overall experience.

The TWZ (Thüringer Wintersportzentrum) requested a system providing high speech clarity for a crystal-clear moderation of the competitions and a secure evacuation of visitors and staff in case of an alert providing a dependable power supply, even in case of power outings, and the flexibility in system configuration and programming. Furthermore, the system is also to be used at competitions as a paging system or for moderation during the biathlon events in the stadium as well as on the racing track and for music entertainment.

To fulfill these requirements, together with our partner GUTAUDIO.DE GmbH, a VX-3000 system was chosen consisting of 26 system frames VX-3004F, each combined with 4 powerful VX-050DA. These frames can broadcast in over 100 zones with secure A+B lines. 4 balanced audio input terminals in each VX-3004F make the system especially flexible.