Iconic Towers, Nigeria

The Iconic Towers is a joint venture multi-residential development by the Lagos State Property, and it fully incorporates the “Live, Work and Play” Lifestyle concept.


This cutting-edge property with its unique yet modern design, is comprised of four tower blocks (with 12 floors per block), each beautifully crafted.


The Towers include facilities such as 24-hour Concierge Services, 5-Star Lobby and Lounge Areas, Green Areas and Gardens, Children’s Play Areas, Smart House Facilities, Gym/Sports Facilities, Restaurant and Bar, Swimming Pool, Health Station, Supermarket, Theatre House, Clubhouse, Spa and Sauna – this offering is set to redefine the City Skyline.


Mikacomic Nigeria utilized TOA’s SC-P620 Self-Powered Horn Speakers, integrated with the CCTV Surveillance System on the permitters for communication between the Control Room and those under surveillance in real-time, thereby further enhancing the security system in order to keep their guests safer at all times.