UNIQLO 311 Oxford Street, UK

This installation project by our partner GOERTZ Medientechnik GmbH clearly shows how to successfully integrate audio technology into an aesthetically ambitious shop design. The challenge was to create appealing background music and announcements that enhance the customers experience without being obtrusive.

TOA’s flush-mount ceiling speakers F-2352C and F-2352SC were installed in the ceilings to provide a clear sound to a wide area. These speakers become almost invisible, as to not alter the careful aesthetics of the store. Additionally F-2000 and F-1300 wide-dispersion speakers were installed. Both are an attractive solution to providing the audio required, as they blend nicely in to the different areas of the shop.

Due to the need for multi-zone paging, music distribution and room-combining application, TOA’s M-9000M2 Digital Matrix Mixer as well as multichannel power amplifier DA-500FH are used. This means that background music can easily be adjusted to suit the individual atmosphere of each floor. Flexible zone paging, thanks to the RM-9012 zone paging microphones on each cash desk, ensures all employees can easily make announcements.