Loop-Isolator Monitor

The VX-3000IM-EB is a loop-isolator monitor for 8 loops. When the unit is detects a fault in a loop, then it will send the speaker signal into the loop's end and is making a contact for the general fault indication. The status of each channel is indicated on the front by a 2-colour-LED. It is designed to operate with the isolators VM-300IS. In this combination, and in a proper installation, no speaker will fail broadcasting when the speaker line has a single short-circuit or break.

  • Full recovery of speaker broadcast in case of a single fault
  • For 8 channels/speaker line loops
  • Up to 60 isolators per loop
  • Status indicator for each channel
  • 19-inch unit with 2 U

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Specifications for product:
Power source

31 V DC

Current consumption (value)

0.38 A

Control output

8 via RJ45 jack

Applicable model


Input / Output

8 channels, each 1 zone input into 2 loop outputs


Power x1, status (OK, fault) by 2-colour-LED per loop x8


16 removable screw terminals 4 pins, 1 removable screw terminals 2 pins, 1 RJ45 jack

Current consumption

0.38 A

Audio input

max. 150 watts per channel

Audio output

max. 150 watts per channel

Operating temperature

-5°C - +40°C

Operating humidity.

10 -90 %


483 x 88.4 x 345 mm (W x H x D)


Steel plate, black

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